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Shrink Stretch Wrap

Sizes18" x 1500 feet &  5" x 1000 feet (hand held)

Colors: They come in Black and Clear Rolls

Description: Heavy Duty Stretch film is commonly used to wrap products on pallets and secure them to each other and the pallet. This often helps to reduce products loss, discourage load tampering, and reduce worker injury. Exceptionally strong stretch wrap Film. The stretch process creates a constant film thickness and extra cling which in turn offers greater wrap consistency and holding force. It also means that because the film has already been stretched to its maximum capacity, Our industrial strength pallet shrink wrap creates higher hold force ensuring load stability and increased security. The Stretch process removes elasticity and creates a more uniform stretch to improve consistency Stretch film requires less tension on application - easy to apply, lighter and faster to unwind and control.

Quantity: 4 Rolls Stretch Wrapping Films are tear and puncture resistant (or see description of product).